The challenge this week, finding the perfect tree

Christmas is right around the corner and many of us are celebrating with decorations throughout our homes. This Old House has some helpful tips for picking that perfect tree: This Only House: Picking the perfect tree.

While we are talking about trees, lets review a couple of quick tips for keeping them healthy throughout the winter.

It’s a good idea to mulch around the root zone of the tree prior to winters full onset. This will help retain moisture in the soil as watering during the winter is nearly impossible (and you never really know how much natural moisture we will get from one season to the next!). When mulching, you want about 3″ of mulch but you do not want it to touch the trunk of the tree.

Voles & rabbits may try to eat bark from the base of your trees and shrubs, this can cause significant damage. If you notice rodent or mammal damage to the base of your plants you may want to consider constructing a protective mesh. this should help to protect and minimize damage from these little guys.


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