Prep your tree with a prune

Lawn chores don’t cease for winter: prune your trees (but not all of them!) in late winter.

The benefit of pruning [many of] your trees in winter is it reduces the risk of the spread of disease and/or insect infestation. Open wounds will quickly heal during new growth in spring. Remember to always destroy the trimmings as they may contain spores which can cause re-infestation.

Many reasons to prune:
To shape a tree. This is not necessarily for the health of the tree as much as it is a visual prune.

Strengthen the tree:
Removing dead, dying or sucker branches will help the tree stay healthier as nutrients are not being directed to undesired portions of the tree.

Flowering trees:
Prune your flowering trees & shrubs after the blooms begin to wilt in spring.

Arbor Day has a great interactive guide that offers more information, tips & techniques:


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