St. Patrick’s Day, Lawns & Moles. no correlation

St. Patrick’s Day: History Channels ‘Bet you didn’t know’ series.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend and aren’t we are all a little bit Irish on March 17th? When St. Patrick’s day comes about, you know it’s a signal to an ending of a long, cold season. It’s the time of year you see lawn care companies really start to get out on the field and our desire to be outside working on the lawn really ignites!

Along with the coming of spring is wet weather. As the ground becomes heavily saturated (due to precipitation & snow melt), you will begin to notice an  up-tick in mole activity. This is because the moisture drives earthworms and insects toward the surface of the soil, either due to irritation or oxygen. Either way, as they are driven to the surface, so is their predator the mole.  A couple of things that may make your lawn more susceptible to visual mole activity: sandy soils & high amounts of moisture (including irrigated lawns).

As Tim pointed out on a recent facebook post, the best method of targeting moles are mole traps. There are also products on the market like TomCat Mole Killer which can be used to target these critters. As with all pesticides, READ & FOLLOW pesticide labels and instructions. As a reminder, a grub control will target grubs and other subsurface pest; however, it does not target the moles primary food source: earthworms. A common misconception is that grub control somehow acts as a mole control as well. It does not. Also, some vole damage may be misdiagnosed as mole damage. As an herbivore, voles will not fall for the same traps or baits as moles. To target voles, try a mouse trap with peanut butter and oatmeal.

And last but certainly not least, our lawn care programs roll over from one year to the next. Prepaying for your service gives our customers a discount for the year, though it is not the only way to activate your services. If you were an active customer last year and wish to review your 2013 services, please contact us at 419-536-4344. Thank you!


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