Pet safety and chemical lawn care

Our pets are often thought of as family members, and one of the more frequent questions we get is in regards to pet safety and our products. Lets go over a couple of points to help keep your pet safe after an application:

Granular Fertilizer – The nitrogen in fertilizer will produce a salty taste and if your pet tends to be a grass eater, they may try to consume it which may result in an upset stomach. If your pet tends to eat grass we would recommend the following:

  • The day of the application, you can allow activity on the lawn, though try to limit it for pets who eat grass.
  • The day after the application, you may water the areas your pet frequents to help more the product through the soil line.

Liquid applications (weed control, insect control, fungicides, etc) – We ask that activity be kept to a minimum on the lawn after a liquid application is applied. The application will completely dry within 1-3 hours depending on heat and humidity and normal activity may resume again. 


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