Autumn is lovely

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year; new hues highlight our leaves and the sky takes on a warm new color when the sun starts to set. The weather outlook is giving us a few nights this week at or below freezing. Although I’m not overly excited about the chill that is about the be presented, I am always willing to welcome a few nights of freeze. Why you ask? I use this time of year to do some much needed gardening.

Things to do this fall:

  • Rake leaves and move them to the flower beds, this will help keep those desired plants a little warmer and protected from the winter elements.
  • Trim my rose bushes: this year I’ll try snipping them down to about 6″; if you have knowledge or tips for me, I welcome all comments as I’m not all too familiar with rose bushes.
  • Cut my lawn as low as possible without scalping the yard. You do not want to damage the crown of the plant, but you also want the turf short enough that it does not mat down under heavy snow (this will help reduce the risk of snow mold).
  • Prune some trees/shrubs – though I will continue to wait until all leaves have fallen and we’ve had a good number of days below freezing.
  • Wrap new trees with white tree wrap to protect the bark from sun scald.
  • Protect any trees near the road, drive or sidewalk where salt will be applied. Some trees are very sensitive and will suffer damage.

Thankfully we have had a good amount of rain recently, I do not believe I need to water the trees at this point. If you have any ideas that you would like to add, feel free to toss a comment here.


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