The season is just flying by, and so are the leaves!

If you haven’t picked up your leaves yet, there’s a good chance that your lawn has HEAVY leaf coverage.

Leaves in lawn?

Although it seems like a huge chore to rake and move a whole lawn full of leaves, it really is a necessity to get them off the lawn or at least break them up to the point of easy decay.  Allowing the leaves to remain throughout all of winter will kill-off portions of your lawn. If you have not had the chance to clean up the leaves yet, you may still try and mow them over to break them up, though depending on how thick a layer you have may only result in a bunch of tiny leaf particles still forming the original thick layer you were just trying to rid your lawn of, only now it will be a pain to rake!

One of the things I like to do:

I have a small flower bed that runs along my driveway. I like to rake my leaves about 3 feet from the flower bed (which is level with my lawn) and mow over them with the side discharge aimed at the flowers. This way, I can chop up a good amount of leaves and offer my plants a little extra protection from the coming winter as the leaves are discharged basically right on top of them. It’s a good idea to chop the leaves too instead of just straight raking because of the speed of decay, nature will naturally break up the smaller particles first and you may still be left with full-sized leaves come next spring if you simply rake them. Not only will it help protect your plants from potential salt, it will also offer insulation and return nutrients back to the soil!


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