Protecting your flower beds & plants from the upcoming snow


I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jack Carls of Daystar about landscaped plants and the coming snow; and what we, as homeowners, can do to protect our flower beds and prevent any damage to the landscaped areas of our lawn. Here’s what he shared with us:

How can I protect my landscaped beds that run along the driveway from snow, salt and/or plows? Do you offer a service for this?
Protecting landscape beds that run along driveway… Install a burlap wall along the plants. Do not pile snow on the plants, either blow the snow over the top or have snow pulled/pushed to street and piled in front yard. Yes, we offer this service.

How can I keep deer from eating my plants this winter? Do you offer a service for this?
How to keep deer from eating your plants…. We can apply a deer repellent that will keep them away. Yes, we can help keep deer away from your landscaped areas and trees.

Is there a way to avoid a slushy mess from salt melting ice and snow?
Remove all snow before applying ice melting agents.

Do you have any tips to help protect plants before winter comes into full force? Do you offer a service for this?
Protecting your plants from winter….. Burlap fencing, mulch leaves and place around plants instead of taking to curb or mulch before snow arrives to create a blanket for the plants. Also spray with dormant oil to protect. Yes, we offer these services.

If you have questions for Jack and Daystar, here’s their contact info:

DayStar, LLP.

P.O. Box 1192
Holland, OH 43528

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