Lawn Care Questions This Week

Common Questions of the Week:


This is our second week on the field, thanks to the snow, but we are moving along swimmingly. Our phones have been busy and our techs smiling, glad they are finally able to work outside again. Here’s a couple of the frequently asked questions from this week:

Do you de-thatch?
No, we do not. We can aerate a lawn, which will help – though if you have thick thatch (about 1″), you should consider a true de-thatching for the lawn.

When is the best time to de-thatch the lawn?
When temperatures are cool and moist. De-Thatching is the process of pulling a power rake or other machine through the yard the cuts, slices and pulls at the layer of thatch. This process can cause a lot of stress to a lawn, but a deep layer of thatch can suffocate the yard as well. We would recommend de-thatching be done in late summer/early fall. A follow up over seeding is also a good idea during later summer/early fall as well. This allows the lawn time to recuperate.

Is this a good time to seed my lawn?
Spring is the second best time to seed your lawn; though the BEST time is late summer/early fall. Here are the reasons:

  • Cooler temperatures heading into fall: your new seedlings run a low risk of heat stress
  • Usually moist fall weather: you new seedlings run a low risk of drought stress
  • No pre-emergent crabgrass control in fall (unless you’re targeting annual blue grass): pre-emergent is typically done in spring and is designed to halt the germination process of seedlings – the target is crabgrass, though your turf grass will be affected as well.

If you plan on seeding in spring:
Since the crabgrass prevention herbicide will halt the germination process of your turf grass seed as well; you may ask to not have it applied (though you won’t receive the protective layer it offers), or you may add top soil AFTER the pre-emergent has been applied and then seed on top of the top soil (a good idea for small areas). The layer of top soil will create a barrier between the seed and the herbicide so your turf seedlings can germinate.

When will my first application be completed?
Our technicians are currently running through their routes, we are about 3 weeks behind our normal calendar start date; but the soil is too. Our goal is to have the crabgrass prevention put down before soils reach a consistent 55 degrees.


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